Article Freshplaza.com

Article Freshplaza.com

On 27-08-2019 www.freshplaza.com published an interview with Ad Coolbergen.

Ad Coolbergen, Ortolanda Oude-Tonge, prepares for first sowing in new greenhouse:

“Pretty good, stable sales this summer”

This summer’s weather records have not made it easy for radish farmers. It has been a challenge in Dutch greenhouses. It has, however, been a significant problem for German and Polish full soil growers. Workers sometimes even left; not wanting to work in the blistering sun. This, while the radishes themselves were scorched. The result? “Here and there, there were shortages of radish bushels on the market,” says Ad Coolbergen of the Dutch Ortolanda Oude-Tonge. He says by summer standards, sales were good this summer. This includes loose radish sales.