Sustainable radish production does not just mean environmentally friendly cultivation, but also concern for the relationships with you as our customer, society and the employees. Hence all our nurseries hold various certificates such as GLOBAL-GAP, GRASP, IFS, PlanetProof and QS. This not only provides transparency, but also shows the value we attach to a clean environment and good working conditions. We also use track and trace, which allows every bunch or bag of radishes to be traced throughout the process. These developments have contributed to Ortolanda’s official certification.

Climate control

Climate control enables us to make optimum use of light, temperature and CO2. Both the humidity in the greenhouse and the temperature are important. All the conditions are effectively harmonised using both climate control computers and ‘old-fashioned’ green fingers, which ensures the growth and quality of a perfect radish. The climate control is not the same in all our nurseries. Hence Ortolanda in the Netherlands has taller greenhouses with large windows that ensure ventilation, whilst four types of tunnel structure are used in Italy in order to create the correct climate control. We also use solar panels at all locations.


Ortolanda also invest in an enduring relationship with employees. The location in Borgo Grappa alone has more than hundredtwenty workers from various cultures, each with their own traditions and customs. The ‘Ortolanda Family’ has therefore been set up to create a positive and harmonious relationship between all the cultures. This allows good collaboration, and Ortolanda can provide good working conditions. The welfare of people inside and outside the business is thereby the guiding principle. Click here to see a video about the history of Ortolanda Family.