Loose radish

500 gram bag radish

1 kg radish

1 kg bag Radish

10 x 1 kg radish

10x 1 kg bag radish

Block bags in Ortolanda box

Cone bags in Ortolanda box

cone bags in small black box

Trimmed Radish

radish 200, 250 or 300 g

200/250/300 gram bag radish

Snack radish in EPS or IFCO

175g bags in Ortolanda box

Neutral cone bags in Ortolanda box

Neutral cone bags in white box

Block bags in white box

Neutral cone bags in small white box

Snack radish in Ortolanda box

Radish buckets in white box

Snack radish in white box

10 kg bag radish

At Ortolanda, we pride ourselves on our wide selection of radishes, perfectly tailored to each customer’s needs. Explore our various packaging options of loose radishes we offer.

Quality of our loose radishes

Our loose radishes thrive in the fertile soil of our greenhouses, where they benefit from ideal growing conditions. Using advanced and sustainable growing methods, we ensure that each radish not only tastes delectable, but is also grown with respect for our planet. This dedication and care make our loose radishes the perfect choice for businesses that want to offer their customers nothing less than the very best. Radishes are available year-round from Ortolanda. 

Sustainable packaging

Our loose radishes are offered in a variety of packaging and materials. Each package is carefully crafted to ensure the freshness and quality of our radishes from the greenhouse to their final destination. The loose radishes are available in sealed bags, topseal, pointed bags, buckets, cups and in big bags.

Packaging options for radish loose

We can package loose radishes in a variety of ways. Our bags, point bags and block bags are available in different boxes, including the 175g Bags in Ortolanda Box, the Neutral Cone Bags in Ortolanda Box and the Block Bags in Ortolanda Box. The cone bags and block bags are also available in white boxes. The Neutral Cone Bags in White Box can be filled with 10 300g bags, 12 250g bags or 20 125g cone bags. The Block Bag in White Box contains 10 block bags of 250g or 300g. Furthermore, the Neutral Cone Bags in White Box contain 10 125g cone bags.

It is also possible to order a 500g Bag Ortolanda, a 1kg Bag Ortolanda or a 10kg Bag of Radish in the desired quantities. For specific needs, we also offer radishes in 200/250/300 gram bags, as well as headed radishes for those who prefer convenience. Ortolanda also offers the option of packing radishes in bio foil. This film is compostable, biodegradable and meets the demand from France and Luxembourg, among others. The advantage of bio film is that the product always remains 100% visible to the consumer. b

The Snack Radish in Ortolanda Box offers a convenient and attractive option for anyone looking for a healthy, accessible snack. With per box 9,10 or 12 cups of 200 grams. In addition, the cups are also available in Snack Radish in White Box, which contains 20 cups. The cups are also in Snack Radish in EPS OR IFCO with 10 cups. In addition, the Radish Bucket in White Box contains 12 450-gram buckets. 

Loose radish from Ortolanda

At Ortolanda, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality radishes, packaged with consideration for both the environment and your convenience. Our diverse packaging options of loose radishes are designed to meet every need, whether you’re a retailer looking for attractive presentation options or a product ready for the end consumer. Read all about our production and company on our website.