According to the European law 24/2023, companies and organisations with 50-250 employees from the end of 2023 are currently facing new compliance challenges. EU member states have transposed the EU Whistleblowing Directive into national law.

Ortolanda company introduced a digital whistleblowing system, a software application that whistleblowers can use to submit a report of malpractice and unlawful or unethical behaviour within the company workplace.

A safe place where employees, or other stakeholders like member of the public, employees and business partners can voice their concerns. They are especially invited to raise serious concerns relating to fraud, suspicions of misconduct within the supply chain or breaches of the company policies and procedures via the confidential online reporting system, through the Ortolanda’s official website: www.ortolanda.com, at the following link:

Ortolanda Whistleblowing hotline system is secure and anonymous. This Whistleblowing process has been set up solely for the purpose of raising concerns about possible incidents of non-compliance; please note that other matters cannot be dealt with via this process.