Ortolanda, Europe’s largest year-round radish producer

A great passion for radishes and dozens of years of international cultivation experience that define Ortolanda. With three modern nurseries in the Netherlands and Italy consisting of a total of 400 hectares of private management, Ortolanda is Europe’s largest radish producer and can supply various types of bunched and loose radishes all year round, from wholesale to retail.

The 40 years of experience of growing radishes comes from the Coolbergen and Cornelissen family nurseries. After the Cornelissen brothers from Melderslo and the Coolbergen brothers from Oude-Tonge joined forces in 2000 they went looking for international expansion, leading to the Italian nursery Ortolanda. After over 15 years of collaboration, the decision was made to continue all three businesses under one name. With effect from 1 May 2017, Ortolanda in Borgo Grappa in Italy, Cornelissen Fresh Food B.V. in Melderslo and Coolbergen B.V. in Oude-Tonge have become Ortolanda.

The experience with and knowledge of radishes that has been accrued since 1963 has now been passed down a generation and is still at the heart of the business. New technologies do form part of the cultivation, harvesting and processing of the radishes nowadays, but always with the aim of sustainability and quality. That means not just environmentally friendly cultivation, but also concern for the relationships with you as our customer, society and the employees. Being a specialist in the field of radishes and delivering the very best radishes all year round are the company’s constant goals.


Ortolanda in the Netherlands and Italy for radishes all over the world.

Ortolanda has three locations in Europe where radishes are cultivated and processed: in Borgo Grappa in Italy, Melderslo and Oude-Tonge in the Netherlands.


Ortolanda Melderslo is a member of the ZON growers’ association. Our products are only sold through ZON fruit & vegetables.

The Greenery

Ortolanda Oude-Tonge is a member of Coöperatie The Greenery U.A. Our product is sold by The Greenery B.V. Together with its growers, The Greenery makes fresh fruit and vegetables valuable.

The product sales of Ortolanda Borgo Grappa is exclusively by Ortolanda O.P. Società Cooperativa Agricola.