Article about Ortolanda in Priva

Article about Ortolanda in Priva

Article about Ortolanda in Priva

Ortolanda, Europe’s largest year-round radish producer, is currently reaping the benefits of using Priva Operator for remote management of its greenhouse processes. “It is user-friendly and clearly designed. It shows you your crop’s main processes at a glance.” Melchior Coolbergen, co-owner of the company, shares his experience with the online application, which is part of the Priva Connected subscription.

Always at your fingertips

The modern radish producer has been using Priva Connext to automate climate and irrigation since 1990. Melchior Coolbergen decided to start using Priva Operator in early 2022. The main reason behind this decision was the fact that he needed to have constant access to the processes in the greenhouse. “Accessibility is extremely important for me. With Operator I can keep an eye on what is happening in the greenhouse at all times, even when I’m somewhere else – at home, for example. But it is also very useful when I am in the greenhouse as it enables me to make any necessary adjustments quickly and easily.”

Focus on the key processes

He also rates the personalization options in the app very highly. Melchior: “Being able to create personal dashboards is really useful. You can set them up exactly how you want them and put focus on the key processes. Then you can see at a glance whether everything is running smoothly.”

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