Ortolanda Melderslo PlanetProof certified

Ortolanda Melderslo PlanetProof certified

Melderslo, 29-05-2020

The first PlanetProof audit for Ortolanda took place on Wednesday 13 May 2020. Without any problems, this certificate was obtained by Ortolanda Melderslo.

The independent environmental quality label On the way to PlanetProof proves that you buy a product that is produced more sustainably and is therefore better for nature, the environment, climate and animals. On the way to PlanetProof-farmers and growers strive towards a cultivation that is in balance with the earth’s capacity. This is a process of continuously taking further steps in order to reduce the depletion of our earth’s resources (‘On the way to…’).

Here you can find the certificate. 

Ortolanda Oude-Tonge will also prepare the PlanetProof certification.