Ortolanda Oude-Tonge IFS Food certified

Ortolanda Oude-Tonge IFS Food certified

Ortolanda Oude-Tonge has been officially IFS certified since 30 July 2019.

With IFS Food the basic conditions for food safety are met. IFS certification contributes to an accurate analysis of the risks, their control and a continuous improvement of food safety. An IFS certificate is also recognized by the GFSI, the worldwide joint venture of retailers, and therefore meets the requirements of customers and clients. Even companies and organizations that are not affiliated with the GFSI recognize the value of IFS Food.

Ortolanda Oude-Tonge is proud to obtain this certificate and demonstrates all its (potential) customers the evidence of food safety and quality.

Ortolanda Borgo Grappa (IT), Ortolanda Melderslo (NL) and Ortolanda Oude-Tonge (NL) are now IFS certified. With this, Ortolanda demonstrates that the highest standards for food safety and food defense are met.