Launch of new look of Ortolanda

Launch of new look of Ortolanda

The same trusted European radish specialist

1-05-2017 – We are very proud to announce the latest developments from our company. As from today (1th of May, 2017), Cornelissen Fresh Food B.V. from Melderslo, Coolbergen B.V. from Oude-Tonge and Ortolanda from Borgo Grappa officially continue under the name ‘Ortolanda’, with a completely renewed visual identity! This strong new image affirms our years of close cooperation as we move forward under one name.

A look to suit to our ambitions

With this new branding, we want to highlight the positioning and ambition of Ortolanda, such as the important cultivation site in Italy and the high quality of our radishes. These elements are reflected in the red and green colour, which not only symbolises the red radish with its fresh green leaves, but also the colours of the Italian flag.  The two semi-circles represent the founding families Cornelissen and Coolbergen. The new style is fully implemented from packaging to the website. Ortolanda may have a brand-new look, but we are still the same partner you are familiar with. Ortolanda is the biggest year-round radish producer maintaining consistent high quality. We provide different types of bunched and loose radishes, along with packaging, sorting and systems. 400 hectares of radishes are grown sustainably throughout the year, using solar energy and minimal gas consumption. This gives us full control of cultivation.