Count down with us to the official launch!

After collaborating from more than 15 years, the two Dutch radish growers Coolbergen B.V. and Cornelissen Fresh Food B.V. and the Italian radish grower Ortolanda will be going forward with effect from 1 May 2017 under one name: Ortolanda. A brand-new visual identity, but the same reliable specialist for radishes from the Netherlands and Italy.

Ortolanda will remain the largest year-round radish producer with a consistently high quality, offering all varieties of bunched radishes, loose radishes, packs and gradings. Our business with its Dutch roots is based on both sustainable cultivation and long-term relationships, as a result of which flexible delivery from wholesale to retail is possible throughout Europe.

Ortolanda Borgo Grappa

Via Migliara 45 No 156A
04100 Borgo Grappa (LT), Italy
T +39 0773 209 087

Ortolanda Oude-Tonge

Magdalenadijk 1
3255 LK Oude-Tonge, The Netherlands
T +31 187 64 15 26

Ortolanda Melderslo

Herenbosweg 7
5962 NW Melderslo, The Netherlands
T +31 773 970 480